• Motion analysis software favored by animal biomechanists

    ProAnalyst is used worldwide to analyze motion in biomechanics research (video courtesy of Tufts Veterinary School)

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  • Motion capture with synchronized 200fps HD video and DAQ

    Motion capture laboratory at SUNY Stonybrook: 6 ProCapture cameras, 16 channels of sync data for force plates, ProAnalyst 3-D

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  • 3-D aeroballistic trajectory analysis

    The US Army used 3-D FlightPath to help them track and analyze projectiles

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  • Computational fluid dynamics test analysis

    Characterize particles, measure flow rate, and analyze spray patterns with ProAnalyst's fluid dynamics toolkits

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Xcitex - Video Capture and Motion Analysis for Scientific Research

Xcitex has been producing innovative, professional software for 3-D motion, movement, and video analysis since 2002. Our technology allows for the extraction and tracking of markerless objects on any scale, from insect biomechanics to ballistic trajectory— designed by scientists for scientists when highest accuracy is paramount.


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ProAnalyst User Publications

  • Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

    "Effect of Water Depth on Limb and Back Kinematics in Horses Walking on a Water Treadmill" Hartpury Univ., Centaur Biomechanics, Arden Univ., Cambridge Veterinary School May 2022
  • Journal of Human Evolution

    "Adaptations for bipedal walking: Musculoskeletal structure and three-dimensional joint mechanics of humans and bipedal chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)" Midwestern Univ., Stony Brook Univ., New York Institute of Technology, Univ. of Michigan May 2022
  • International Journal of Impact Engineering

    "A Gaussian wavelet-based method for extracting rockfall motion information in consecutive impact tests on flexible barrier systems" Southwest Jiaotong Univ., Washington State Univ., Univ. College London May 2022
  • Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology

    "A novel method to create long capture volumes for video tracking" Shaanxi Univ. of Science and Technology, Washington State Univ., Univ. College London May 2022
  • World's Veterinary Journal

    "Evaluation of Histopathological Changes in Cantang Groupers' Brain and Gill Infected with Streptococcus Iniae" Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia May 2022
  • Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

    "Effect of ground and raised poles on kinematics of the walk" Hartpury Univ., Animal Health Trust May 2022
  • Journal of Experimental Biology

    "Inhibiting the endocannabinoid degrading enzymes FAAH and MAGL during zebrafish embryogenesis alters sensorimotor function" Univ. of Alberta Edmonton May 2022
  • International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing

    "Design and Validation of a Passive Motion Scaling Mechanism Prototype for Microsurgery" Korea Univ., Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Science April 2022
  • International Journal of Impact Engineering

    "Blast induced lateral earth pressures on retaining structures with sand backfill" University of Ottawa April 2022
  • Journal of Experimental Biology

    "Sex-specific multivariate morphology/performance relationships in Anolis carolinensis" Univ. of São Paulo, Delgado Community College, The Univ. of New Orleans April 2022
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