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Xcitex Free MiDAS Player Software

Share it with your whole office

The MiDAS Player provides all the loading, saving and playback functions of MiDAS OS - for free. Now you can load your MiDAS images, synchronized data files, tracked points, spreadsheet analyses, IRIG/GPS timing and position data, and notes. The MiDAS Player displays them exactly as you would see them in MiDAS OS.



  • All the playback features of MiDAS are here, including variable-speed playback, zoom view, jump and circle-playback. MiDAS Player works with all file formats - AVI, BMP, JPEG and TIFF. Load, shorten, change formats, re-save.

  • Distribute the MiDAS Player to your clients, customers, coworkers, or include it on your CD-ROM with your images. The MiDAS Player is a great display and demonstration tool.

  • Free. No distribution license required. Simply download directly from the web. (link to downloads)


MiDAS screenshot