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FREE MiDAS Lens Calculator

Download your free MiDAS Lens Calculator now

The MiDAS Lens Calculator lets you calculate the parameters of your optics and lenses, pick your focal length, and calculate your working distance, object distance, field of view, depth of focus and more. And, since it knows your camera model, it will help you minimize motion blur and other undesirable video effects. The MiDAS Lens Calculator even helps you learn the impact of extender tubes, diopter lenses and other attachments.

The MiDAS Lens Calculator uses CAM files. These files include frame rate, resolutions and other important information regarding your camera. Choose your camera from our library of over 250 models to personalize the lens calculator to your application, or input your own custom camera model.

Download camera files
for use with the MiDAS Lens Calculator from our downloads page.