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ProCapture Optimized for X-ray Systems

Dr. Callum Ross and his fellow researchers at the University of Chicago's Ross Lab are modeling motor control and biomechanics with a focus on vertebrate feeding behaviors. The lab crafts the studies using a combination of bone strain data, videofluoroscopy, EMG readings, optico-kinematic and neural recording techniques. The work done at the Ross Lab takes a top to bottom approach to inform how chewing and swallowing work with an emphasis on comparative anatomy.

The new state-of-the-art high-speed biplanar x-ray video lab includes Xcitex ProCapture camera systems. The complete solution provided by Xcitex and Imaging Systems & Service allows researchers to collect 3-D X-ray data, 3-D visual data and 32 channels of sensor data at the same time, fully synchronized.

“Xcitex’s ProCapture system streamlines the data capture process...ProCapture allows us to record, mark and trigger dozens of events in a single session so we don’t spend time waiting for video to upload, and our animals get back to their cages as quickly as possible.” - Nick Gidmark, Ph.D.

Ross Lab System Specifications

Biplanar fluoroscope from ISSI
2 ProCapture XC-2 monochrome cameras capturing X-ray imagery at 150 fps
2 ProCapture XC-2 cameras capturing synchronized video in both color and monochrome
A 16-channel DAQ system recording synchronized EMG data and data from embedded bone gauges
Additional 96 channels of neural data integrated externally into EMG array data