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Xcitex to discontinue stand-alone MiDAS DA product sales

February 8th, 2019

Xcitex announced that it has discontinued sale of MiDAS DA, the sixth in the succession of MiDAS branded software products designed to synchronize high-speed video and data capture. MiDAS DA predecessors include MiDAS OS, MiDAS, MiDAS 2.0, MiDAS 3.0 and MiDAS 4.0. Xcitex invented the technology for collecting data using phase lock (heterodyne) technology at rates up to 1000x faster than conventional high-speed cameras in 2002 and introduced the first version of MiDAS in 2003.

Xcitex will continue to promote and market the MiDAS technology for OEM inclusion in branded camera control software, including its own ProCapture line of streaming 1000fps cameras. MiDAS technology can be found in many commercially available camera control software systems.

Xcitex will continue to provide limited support on all legacy MiDAS stand-alone software packages for Windows operating systems up to and including Windows 10 (version No drivers have been certified for release for Windows 10. Xcitex recommends that new users that desire both video and data capture explore the capabilities of the Xcitex ProCapture system.

At Xcitex, we view product end of life as a part of the life cycle that drives new technology and product innovation. Xcitex will continue to create new, innovative software packages.