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Analysis Toolkits

ProAnalyst Professional and 3-D Professional Editions allow you to use the unique tools of ProAnalyst's 2-D feature tracking and 1-D line tracking for your application. To increase the functionality to your application, you can add-on optional toolkits. We continue to invent and add toolkits to ProAnalyst at our customers' request.

3D Feature Tracking   3-D Motion Analysis
 Simply drag and drop two calibration images in the 3-D Manager window and let ProAnalyst automatically determine the positions of the cameras. Then, add analyzed videos and allow ProAnalyst to calculate where your tracked objects are in 3-dimensional space. Finally, export your data to a fully customizable 3-axis plot and save a new video showing your analyzed event from any angle.
2-D Feature Tracking   2-D Feature Tracking
 Track features without having to use special markers in your experimental setups. View real-time annotations of distance and angle, and measurements of position.
1-D toolkit   1-D Line Tracking
 Detect and track intensity changes along a line. Includes width averaging, threshold setting, and calculation of radius of curvature and best-fit-circle.

Image Stabilization
 Remove unwanted jitter and vibration from a video. Simply select features within the image to stabilize upon and and ProAnalyst will create a new, stabilized video for later analysis. Great for vibration environments, hand-held jitter, airborne testing, frequency analysis, and more.

Particle Tracking   Particle Counting, Sizing and Flow
 Count fragments or parts in a flow environment. Classify parts by size, shape, eccentricity, or axial orientation. Track particles and droplets.  Ideal for sprays, injectors, plumes, and impact studies.

Particle Image Velocimetry
Tracks particle movement in a flow and calculates a series of velocity vectors representing the flow over time.  Vectors fields are drawn on top of the image and as a colorized contour map. Ideal for the study of aerodynamics, fluidics, and flows in pumping and rotating machinery.

Contour Tracking   Contour/Edge Analysis
 Also called "blob analysis". Trace shapes and compute size, area, perimeter, center of gravity, and more. Ideal for airbag analysis, medical research, and stretched parts.
Cell Tracking   Biological Cell Tracking
 Track cell motion through veins and arteries in microscopic images. Compute cellular proximity to vascular walls, flow direction, and more. Ideal for microbiologists studying cell motion or cavitation research in pipes.
Impact Excursion   Impact Excursion
 Analyze the movement of a crash test dummy in multiple directions relative to restraints. Used in conjunction with automotive sled testing to ensure compliance with international passenger safety regulations for restraints and car seats. Also useful for concussion testing and analysis.


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