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ProAnalyst Example Files

Now that you have either purchased ProAnalyst® (thank you) or downloaded the free ProAnalyst Trial Edition, the tutorials on this page will help you get started and understand how to use all the ProAnalyst features and tools.


  1. Download the tutorial pdf document to your hard drive.

  2. On the first page of the tutorial PDF document, click the link under Files Needed for This Tutorial to download the example files. Unzip the contents into a new folder.

  3. Follow the instructions in the tutorial PDF document as you use the example files.
Learn ProAnalyst  

Learn to Use ProAnalyst
 The place to start for new users. This tutorial covers the basics, from screen layout to tracking theory. Download Tutorial (18.9mb)

Line Tracking  

Line Tracking Featureless Objects
 This tutorial teaches you how to use the 1-D Line Tool for analyzing objects without any distinct features. Download Tutorial (1.8mb)

Gait of Runner  

Gait of a Runner
Rebecca, our famous runner athlete, is analyzed to illustrate how ProAnalyst is used for Gait and Biomechanical analysis. Download Tutorial (13.6mb)


Particles in a Flow Environment
This tutorial teaches you how to track, count and sort particles in flow environments. Download Tutorial (4.1mb)

Vibration Analysis  

Stabilizing a Shaking or Vibrating Video
 The optional Stabilization toolkit removes unwanted frequencies from videos. This tutorial explains how. Download Tutorial (14.2mb)

Golf Swing  

Golf Swing
This tutorial shows how to measure shaft flex and ball flight performance. Download Tutorial (29.2mb)

Water Droplets  

Water Droplets
Learn how to track objects that change shape and location over time. Measure area, perimeter and speed. Download Tutorial (15.0mb)

Rugby Kick  

A Rugby Kick
ProAnalyst is used extensively by athletes worldwide. Here, a simple rugby kick is studied. Download Tutorial (20.4mb)

Measure Rotation  

Spinning Objects 
The science of measuring rotating and spinning objects, machine parts, and disks is explained in this tutorial. Download Tutorial (15.0mb)


Quantifying Motion in 3-D
This tutorial is a step by step guide to performing an analysis with ProAnalyst 3-D Edition. Download Tutorial (40.2mb)