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World-Wide Network of Solution Partners for High-Speed Cameras & Motion Capture Equipment

Xcitex has developed a Solutions Partner program to help customers quickly find products and services that are complementary to those offered by Xcitex. Our Solutions Partners are hand-chosen, preeminent companies in their respective fields of expertise with proven records of excellence. If you have any questions about any of these partners, please feel free to call or email us.


Fastec Imaging

Fastec Imaging (San Diego, California, USA) manufactures handheld, portable high-speed video cameras. The new TS3 camera is the latest camera in the acclaimed line of Troubleshooter handheld video cameras, and boasts higher performance than any previous camera in its class. The new TS3 camera includes a 1.3 MP sensor with a web server backend. In addition, Fastec has developed a line of Ethernet-based cameras for industrial automation. Fastec has been bundling versions of MiDAS 4.0, MiDAS OS and FIMS with its cameras since its founding in 2006.

For additional information, please visit www.Fastecimaging.com



MREL Group of Companies

Established in 1973, MREL (Ontario, Canada) is a technology-based company that provides unique explosives-related products and associated technical services to qualified customers in the blasting, bomb disposal, defense, explosives, humanitarian demining, and police communities. MREL's products are positioned firmly as the global leaders in their respective markets. A network of authorized distributors provides product sales and after sales support to MREL's customers around the world.

MREL endorses ProAnalyst® as the premier motion analysis software for the blasting and explosive industries. MREL provides all ProAnalyst software editions to their customers worldwide and also includes ProAnalyst Introductory Edition with each BlastCam™ high-speed camera and Blaster's Ranger™ high-speed camera sold.

For more information about MREL, please visit www.mrel.com

National Instruments

National Instruments

National Instruments specializes in hardware that allows engineers to design systems for test, control, and embedded design applications. National Instruments is the world's largest supplier of data acquisition components and software, and is an OEM partner with Xcitex for the supply of data acquisition boards and interconnection hardware. The new X-series of data collection boards in a variety of form factors (PCI, PCIExpress, PCMCIA, USB, PXI, etc.) Complements the previous E and M series.

For additional information regarding National Instruments and data collection hardware that is compatible with Xcitex's MiDAS DA software, please visit www.ni.com

iX Cameras

iX Cameras

iX Cameras (Rochford, United Kingdom), formerly a division of Olympus, was founded in 2014. Today, iX Cameras produces high-speed video cameras for a wide variety of price performance levels. The i-SPEED 3 series cameras, with record speeds in excess of 100,000 frames/second and megapixel resolutions, are used worldwide in military test ranges, automotive facilities, inspection lines, and test labs. iX Cameras' i-SPEED series cameras can be tethered to a computer or used as standalone devices with the industry-unique handheld CDU. Exceptional control software interfaces make operating one or more cameras on a network seamless and simple.

For more information about iX Cameras, please visit https://www.ix-cameras.com




TRL (Wokingham, UK) is one of the largest providers of independent car impact test services in the world. TRL performs sled tests on a wide variety of passenger and commercial vehicles, seats, racing cars and car components. In 2012, TRL, Xcitex and Olympus UK co-founded the Impact Test Group to develop and sell fully-integrated car crash sled facilities similar to the ones currently in use at TRL. Originally established in 1933 as part of the UK government, the Transportation Research Laboratory privatized in 1996 to become a fully independent private company specializing in world-class research, consultancy, testing and certification for all aspects of transportation.

For more information about TRL, please visit http://www.trl.co.uk


Vision Research

Vision Research

Vision Research Company (Wayne, New Jersey, USA) makes high speed video cameras with high light-sensitivity, image resolution, acquisition speed, and image, as well as robust software interfaces, reliability and versatility - all which continue to stand as benchmarks for the high-speed digital imaging industry. Known for innovations in high-speed digital camera technology and sensor design, Vision Research has received numerous research and development awards and was recently honored with an Emmy® Award for its revolutionary technology and engineering.

Vision Research's broad line of digital high-speed cameras, marketed under the Phantom® brand; add a new dimension to the sense of sight. They are used as innovative engineering tools, enabling users to visualize and analyze physical phenomena when it's too fast to see, and too important not to™.

For additional information regarding Vision Research, please visit www.visionresearch.com

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