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Synchronize your High-Speed Video with Data Collection


Increase the power of any high-speed video camera by collecting synchronized data at the same time. Most advanced measurements labs in the world today have both high-speed scientific cameras and advanced multi-channel DAQ collection systems. MiDAS DA was designed to bring these two measurements worlds together to produce a richer, broader, fuller representation of an event.

MiDAS DA is the latest and most advanced version of MiDAS - invented in 1998 to allow high-speed video cameras to communicate with the most popular data collection hardware. Today, MiDAS DA is the most accurate, most flexible and most feature rich system.
Premium DAQ

More than just software

MiDAS DA software has been synonymous with the highest-performing video/data synchronization available. But MiDAS DA is more than just software - it is a system of software and hardware from National Instruments. Together, the software and hardware work to acquire data in a format that is fully compatible with most high-speed (slow motion) cameras on the market today (from manufacturers such as Vision Research, Photron, IDT/Redlake, NAC AOS, Fastec, Mikrotron and Olympus). If you already own National Instruments data collection hardware, you can just purchase the MiDAS software. If you want a fully integrated software/hardware system, you can select one from our list of pre-configured kits. To learn more about our pre-packaged kits, click here.

Why video and data together

Many applications require both video and data to be acquired together - complementary technologies with the same goal. Just as when sound was added to movies, the combination of these two technologies yields a comprehensive representation of an event. Video provides visual assessment and motion analysis options. Sensors provide information as to what instrumentation or gauges are recording. Together, they provide more information than either can provide alone.

MiDAS DA List of Features

Sample Applications

Typical applications of MiDAS DA include biomechanics (forces and EMG), mechanics (acceleration and stress/strain), automotive (airbag and engine performance), and ballistics (pressures and forces).

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