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StrikeForce Custom Motion Analysis Solutions

StrikeForce software packages are award-winning, customized, automated versions of ProAnalyst used to analyze motion in measurement applications that require repetitive, automated collection and video processing.
StrikeForce Golf Club and Ball Impact
StrikeForce Golf Swing Planes
StrikeForce Gofl Comet Trail

StrikeForce Applications

Strikeforce was seen on CBS Sports and has been used by many sports equipment manufacturers worldwide. The photos to the right show golf swing planes similar to those broadcast at the PGA Tour Championship, numerical values as shown on CBS weekly coverage (using SwingVision cameras supplied by Tech Imaging Services), and the numerical analysis shown at the ESPN Long Drive contest.

Strikeforce technology is also used by engineers and researchers to analyze equipment and athlete performance, and by pharmaceutical companies on production lines.

Ask Us About StrikeForce

For more information on how you can use StrikeForce to automate motion analysis processes for your measurement application, call 1-617-225-0080 or email info@xcitex.com to speak with one of our specialists.