Software Downloads

Download the latest releases of all Xcitex software products and their associated release notes. You may need to adjust your browser or firewall settings prior to download.

Current Product Downloads, Drivers, and Updates

The following products are currently being developed by Xcitex. Downloads and updates are free for existing users.

Jul 7, 2024 ProAnalyst 2023 v23.19.17 Release Notes Download
Jul 7, 2024 ProAnalyst Essentials v24.7.17 Release Notes Download
ProCapture Control Software v1.0.3.6 Release Notes Download
3-D FlightPath Visible Software v1.2.2.5 -- Contact Us
3-D FlightPath X-Ray Software v1.2.2.5 -- Contact Us
3-D FlightPath Flight Tracker Software v1.2.2.5 -- Contact Us

Legacy Product Downloads and Drivers

The following products will no longer be developed by Xcitex beyond their End-of-Life date*. Legacy downloads are free for existing users.

ProAnalyst (legacy, serial # 726****) v1.9.2 Release Notes Download
ProAnalyst Client Version (legacy) v1.8.9 Release Notes Download
MiDAS DA v1.4.0.5 Release Notes Download
MiDAS OS v1.3.0.5 -- Contact Us
MiDAS Express v1.4.0.0 -- Contact Us
MiDAS Player v1.8.0.1 -- Contact Us
MiDAS 4.0 v1.4.0.0 -- Contact Us
MiDAS 2.0 v1.8.0.1 -- Contact Us
Windows 10/11 Driver for ProAnalyst USB dongle (Sentinel Corp.) -- Download
NI-DAQ Hardware drivers for MiDAS DA boards -- Download
*Product End-of-Life dates:
01-01-18 or earlier