Send Us Your Video - Free Demo Analysis

Let an Xcitex engineer demonstrate the benefits of ProAnalyst 2023 on one of your videos.

Details and Terms

See what ProAnalyst can do for your video motion analysis application with this free demo analysis. An Xcitex engineer will perform motion analysis on 25-100 frames of your video using analysis tools appropriate for your applicaiton. This free demo analysis service is available to all customers interested in purchasing a ProAnalyst 2023 software license.

The free demo analysis provided is subject to the following terms:

  • Videos will be analyzed on a best-effort basis. There exist videos that cannot be analyzed by any motion analysis software. If an Xcitex engineer is unable to analyze your video, they will instead provide recommendations on how to better record videos for your application. For more details, watch this tutorial on how to record videos for motion analysis.

Important note: If you wish to submit a confidential or proprietary video, please contact us for a copy of our non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In the absence of an NDA, Xcitex may use your video and any associated analysis in promotion and marketing of ProAnalyst products. By submitting your video to Xcitex, you agree to these terms.


  1. Email us a link to your video and include a description of your application. We suggest one of the following video upload/sharing services:
    1. Dropbox (Free limit: 2GB)
    2. Box (Free limit: 250MB per video)
    3. Google Drive (Free limit: 15GB)
    4. Microsoft OneDrive (Free limit: 5GB)
    5. pCloud (Free limit: 10GB)
    6. WeTransfer (Free limit: 2GB)
  2. An Xcitex engineer will contact you within 2 business days to review your video and discuss your application.
  3. The engineer will send you an analyzed video and/or the ProAnalyst 2023 associated files you can use to review the final result.