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Long Term Recording, Event Capture and Auto-Synchronization

ProCapture systems provide feature-rich recording of video and data. Based on the new high-speed Xcitex cameras and the traditional MiDAS engines for synchronizing data and video collection, ProCapture allows engineers and researchers to easily capture data in the field or in the lab.

Frame Rates/Record Times

ProCapture Record Duration

The ProCapture system can record for up to 5 hours. The relationship between frame rates, resolutions and record durations is shown above.
  • Auto-Sync of cameras - All control and power lines are contained in one cable from computer to camera, so synchronization of cameras is effortless - just connect and go.

  • Long recording - Video and data are streamed to special drives in the video processing unit to enable very long record times.

  • Event marking - Since most motion capture is parsed into smaller events, the ProCapture system allows you to mark events while recording video and data. When the recording is complete, you can go back and create discrete multi-video ProAnalyst events around each marker.

  • High resolution, high-speed cameras - Xcitex XC cameras are both megapixel and high-speed so you can slow down time and capture even minute details of motion. And Xcitex cameras are a fraction of the cost of traditional high-speed cameras.

  • Easy to use ProCapture software - ProCapture software has been designed from the bottom up for ease of use. Big buttons and logical control panels make navigation easy. And, with a touchscreen monitor, you can operate cameras and software with the touch of a finger.

  • 3-D Motion Capture made easy - ProCapture was designed with 3-D motion capture in mind. Easy scene calibration frames are recorded with one button. Auto-sync of all cameras makes setup easier than ever. When you are done, just press a button, and your results are downloaded into a ProAnalyst 3-D project for easy analysis.

  • High-Speed Video and Data - Combine video and data for the most complete understanding of a moving object. Video rates up to 1000 fps and data rates up to 1.2 MSamples/sec allow you to collect data from sensors and gauges along with multi-camera video.

  • Scalable - Expand your system with more cameras over time.

  • Xcitex Inside - Rely on our impeccable reputation for high-performance systems and software for motion capture and analysis.

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